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Two goes twelve

April 03, 2018  •  3 Comments
I left home with no expectation - with one suitcase, 23kg, and a backpack with my camera gears. What it was supposed to be for two months has now become twelve. I packed the night before I left. In my bag I took previous experiences, the knowledge I had gathered in my 26 years of life, a little bit of Spanish, my faith and risk, I took a big risk.
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I dove in words, and sank in photography

February 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
“The photographer, unless in rare cases, where the opportunity comes extemporaneously, can only say a thousand words with a photograph, if capable of writing a thousand matching words, using a feather. The one, who comes to have this ability of combining the photograph with the writing, can consider himself an authentic photo-reporter. - Jehovah A...
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Mergulhei nas palavras, e me afoguei na fotografia

February 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
“O fotografo, a não ser em casos raríssimos onde a oportunidade surge extemporaneamente só poderá dizer mil palavras com uma foto, se também for capaz de, com a pena, escrever as mil palavras elucidativas correspondentes. O que tiver a habilidade de conseguir essa combinação pode se considerar um autêntico repórter-fotográfico”. – Jehovah. Como um...
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Why don’t we think about goodbyes?

August 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Perhaps the right question is: “Why don’t I think about goodbyes?” In a world where we are often busy with our daily routines; school, work, extra curricular activities, traffic, shopping, family, friends; we tend to get home and think about the next get away trip. When things don’t go well at home, we think of leaving to start a new life. All we...
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Endless journey towards a dream

June 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
I am nothing. I'll never be anything. I couldn't want to be something. Apart from that, I have in me all the dreams in the world. - Fernando Pessoa All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney It 's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. - Paulo Coelho Do not let yourself be...
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