A Brazilian photojournalist passionate about documenting the world around him.

As a (photo)journalist, I hope to be able to seek the truth and observe the world, so that, through the lens of my camera, and through the power of words, I can document reality, giving the world a taste of what humanity is working towards, and bringing to the forefront some harsh realities that are taking place in the world.  The concept of striving for excellence is something I am ever conscious of.

Being born into a multicultural family made me love and become curious about how culture affects one’s perspective.  My mother was born in Abadan, Iran, and my father in Belo Horizonte, Brazil – two different cities, countries, continents, and realities. Beyond these differences, they were united through their beliefs in the Bahá'í Faith- which was and continues to be the centre of their lives.  In fact the Founder of the Bahai Faith, Bahá'u'lláh states: "The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.”

My perspective and understanding of the world changed when I first moved from Salvador to Brasilia, two cities in Brazil. I was only seven years old and didn’t really understand what was happening, coming from a different style of education, different routine in life, I had to quickly adapt to that new and different environment.

After high school I didn’t have any doubt, I knew my professional field would have to be related to communication, speak up, converse, consult – communicate, search the truth and share, a way to love and understand one another. Starting my studies in journalism is something I don't regret, this passion still increases day by day.


Throughout my life, I faced rivers and ferryboats trips in the north of Brazil, ocean waves in Salvador, Bahia. Passed through the Amazon forest, walked up the Pelourinho (Pillory) and took the Elevador Lacerda down towards the Central Plateau in the Capital of Brazil.  In the I West faced snow, and in the East, the heat from the desert and saw the human diversity centred in one same spot, in Mount Carmel, Israel.  In Brazil ended one of my life chapters and started a new one in the foot of the Andes in Santiago, Chile.  The Warm Colombian culture melted the ice I slid up from Santiago, Chile.  Uncovering new plans, new dreams. Giving me opportunity to visit over 20 countries as a photographer. 


Publishing my first book in 2018: "The Qiblih of a World Community"

Hosting exhibitions in Brazil, "The World's Physiognomy" and Colombia, "Community Building"

Lately working with Fine Art prints with clients from almost every continent of the World. 

My photographs are what I live and see–and what I feel. I try to connect my soul with the moment I am experiencing, capturing reality for others. Every shot may capture a positive or negative thing in the world, it might be shocking sometimes, but that is the reality for many. With the smile of a young or old person I try to transmit their happiness, into your life; I try to put that same smile on your face. With a beautiful scenario, I try to show that the world is not only about hate, prejudice or envy.